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Mediation enables people to resolve disputes amicably, without the need for litigation.  Mediation is confidential, low-risk, and far less costly than the alternatives.  We offer mediation for separation agreements, divorce, estate matters, businesses, and other disputes.  Follow the link for additional information.

Business Law

Jacob has been both a small business owner and a manager at a multinational corporation.  He enjoys combining this experience with his legal expertise to help his clients obtain efficient and effective results for their businesses.

We can assist with business formation and dissolution, contracts, services and independent contractor agreements, fundraising (e.g. SAFE’s), shareholder agreements, buy-sells, and more.

Matrimonial Law

Jacob Tuckfelt is an experienced family law litigator, having fought numerous battles in Family Court and Supreme Court throughout the state.  Jacob now focuses on high-net-worth divorce and other matrimonial matters involving complex financial issues such as closely held businesses, stock options/RSUs, and extensive real estate holdings.  Few attorneys can offer Jacob’s combined experience as a businessman, mediator, business law attorney, and matrimonial litigator. 

Commercial Litigation

Jacob has handled a wide variety of commercial litigation, from international bankruptcy disputes to dissolution battles between company founders (“business divorce”).

Jacob has represented numerous general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in construction litigation.  But he also represented commercial and residential customers of contractors.  Thus Jacob understand both sides of the issues and can advocate effectively for his construction clients.  In particular, Jacob has extensive experience with mechanic’s liens in both the residential and commercial context.

Estate Litigation

As the population of this country ages, estate litigation has become a growing area.  Sometimes an heir believes that a Last Will and Testament is a forgery, or was signed under improper circumstances (“undue influence”).  Other times, a person is appointed as a fiduciary (such as a trustee of a trust) but fails to perform his or her duties with the required level of care.  Situations like these require not only an experienced litigator, but one who is attuned to the emotional family dynamics that can make resolution of estate matters especially challenging.

Other Areas

Our office provides legal services in a variety of other areas such as guardianship, property disputes, sweepstakes/contests, and hunting and firearms law (civil, not criminal).  Feel free to email us to inquire about your specific matter.  If we cannot handle it for you, we can usually refer you to an appropriate attorney or other professional.

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Jacob Tuckfelt is an experienced attorney and mediator licensed in New York and New Jersey. 

Jacob has conducted mediation for the New York court system and for the local community dispute resolution center (DRC).  He is also a member of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation.  He has mediated disputes for businesses and not-for-profit organizations.  He has also mediated a wide variety of separations and divorces, and specializes in high-net-worth divorces with complex financial issues such as closely held businesses. 

Earlier in his legal career, Jacob focused primarily on litigation.  He fought aggressively for his clients in courts throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.  Although Jacob’s goal is to peacefully facilitate transactions and defuse problems, he remains ready to litigate to protect his clients.   

Jacob’s litigation experience includes divorce and family law, contested probate and guardianship proceedings, and business disputes ranging from breach of contract to international bankruptcy.

Before becoming an attorney, Jacob had a successful career in the specialty chemicals industry, where he served as an internal consultant and as a supply chain planning manager for an international specialty chemicals company.

Jacob enjoys bringing his business background into his legal practice.  Some of the business transactions Jacob has facilitated include contract review, corporate formation and dissolution, shareholder agreements, and fundraising.  Jacob enjoys working with a variety of businesses, from single proprietorships to multimillion dollar corporations.

Jacob graduated magna cum laude from Pace University School of Law.  Prior to that, he graduated with Distinction from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Policy Analysis and Business Management. 

Jacob is a lifelong resident of Warwick, New York.  In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors and jiu jitsu.



"After consulting with another law firm, we found out that they could not begin our mediation for several weeks and the cost was higher than we had anticipated. I reached out to Jake and he was able to start the process almost immediately and for a reasonable sum. Throughout the process Jake remained objective and patient while giving us an accurate picture of what litigation would entail if mediation were to break down. There were a few tense moments but with Jake's help, we were able to see the process through to the end. I am wholly satisfied with the resulting agreement and would highly recommend Jake's services to anyone who finds themselves in a position where mediation is an option."

Posted by Jessica | May 20, 2023

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Tel:  845-551-3795 

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Litigation is complicated and intellectually challenging.  It is often interesting and rewarding…for the attorneys. 

For the parties themselves, however, litigation is a long, difficult, and expensive endeavor. 

Responsible attorneys put their clients first.  They strive to resolve disputes using cooperative approaches such as negotiation or mediation.  This is faster, less expensive, and exerts less of an emotional toll on the parties.

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